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Worst moving company ever! Don't use! They aren't the movers, they hire movers and once they have the deposit, they don't want to deal with you. Our experience was that our stuff never even got moved! They kept rescheduling on us 2 weeks after the scheduled pick up dates. They finally sent an uninsured driver and once we got that figured out, he looked at our stuff and said he wasn't authorized to take all our boxes! We sent him away and hired a... Read more

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Please read these reviews… FRAUD ALERT No matter how affordable they seem or simple your move may seem; THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, YOUR THINGS OR ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE and that is before they damaged many of our personal items during the move. They DO NOT HAVE PROPER INSURANCE (they expect you to know more about moving than they do). HAD TO HIRE SEPARATE COMPANY (AT OUR COST) TO FINISH THE JOB. Grossly underestimated the overall cost... Read more

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Their salesmen talk a good game, but dealing with these guys is one of the worst experiences of my life. They rigged weight scales, lied about where my stuff was when I tried to hire a different company, tried to break their contract, ignored repeated attempts to contact them... I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW BAD THIS COMPANY IS. Do I need 100+ words? Okay: ;iars cheats thieves steal stealing rip-off scam *** artists Ponzi scheme (maybe not... Read more

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The overall experience with this company has been disgusting. I moved from the East Coats to the West Coast. They said they would arrive between "July 30th to August 7th". Of course they did not arrive on time. Even when the date was approaching I called the driver, the broker, & the dispatcher. All 3 of these individuals has 3 different answers for when my families items would arrive. They also had different answers on the type of payment I... Read more

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This is a complaint/warning. Be wary of All State Van Lines Relocation. Early 2016, I searched moving companies for a 1,100 mile move. Allstate’s Joe Barney claimed the best price and best customer service, but neither proved accurate. He rated the move as small and inexpensive. We spoke several times, and he viewed our goods on a realtor website. I described items not visible on the website. Each time, a quality control guy confirmed the... Read more

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We hired this company to move my daughter. For two consecutive days they did not show up as promised to pack and load her things. No one will return our phone calls or emails. Be warned- this company is not legitimate. They take your money and never deliver on their services. We will be filing a formal complaint. This company charged us and never showed up! Liars cheaters - total fraud. Do not ever use this company. They will talk a... Read more

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Would not use All State Van Lines. Zachary Velez either has no idea what he is doing or the company instructs him and others to reduce over all weight to get the commitment. Zachary instructed me that he was reducing the weight estimate based off of my inventory (even after I added what he recorded) and the other companies cubic footage. He assured me that he will be very close to the weight. My fault for not having it in the contract. The... Read more

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My mistake was not even knowing what a moving broker is. I had only dealt with actual moving companies and have had wonderful experiences. Allstate is a moving BROKER. That means that they hire someone else to actually do the move. I have no idea what exactly Allstate is getting paid for. So, when the guys from WHO THE HECK KNOWS moving company show up to collect your stuff (my guys were in a rental Enterprise truck) Allstate has now... Read more

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I too was quoted a price and 3 days before the scheduled move they jacked up the cost by almost a $1000. I have cancelled with them and am beginning a dispute to get my depisit back. Now I have to hustle and find an ethical moving company. How terrible do these kind of things to people in such a vulnerable time. Shame on you All state Van lines.

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