Using All State for a cross-country move is the biggest mistake I ever made!! I have since discovered that All State Van Lines has many complaints filed against them, all centered around the same issues - grossly inflated final costs based on bogus overweight claims, delivery dates unmet, hidden charges, zero customer service, goods held hostage for cash, LYING – which speaks of ASVL’s deceptive, misleading business model that relies on trickery and fine print, in collusion with the carriers they contract. In my 65 years, I have never been so maltreated. My nightmare move from California to New York City is not an aberration, but is a result of the way ASVL creates a rigged game against the consumer. There is not even a pretense of responsive customer service.

Danny Steiner booked my move, promised to oversee a trouble-free move within 18 days, agreed I could pay with Visa on arrival. He was candid about All State’s previous problems, said that under new management, all was corrected.

The movers create a frantic scenario on pickup, say their 'guesstimated' 1,400 pounds overweight is to protect me, then I get a ‘***’s rush’ of paperwork where the details are in the fine print. My belongings are already on the truck, I reluctantly sign. BIG MISTAKE.

From then on, a nightmare: It takes FIVE WEEKS for my belongings to arrive, which becomes quite stressful. Also, I don't have a bed or basics and incur many costs. Angel DeJesus, my assigned account manager, never called when he promised he would, and when he did call he offered no updates or solutions for the delay, and lied to my face by denying his call to me, wherein he stated I could pay the balance owed on delivery by Visa.

By the end, I sent 12 faxes to Stephanie Little, Customer Service Manager, describing my concerns and ASVL’s shortcomings; she faxed 4 replies, insulting me by repeating the same rhetoric that ASVL “Strives to provide our customers with the best possible service” -- and doing NOTHING AT ALL.

At the heart of this mess is the bogus overweight issue. On the first week, Dejesus claims the weigh-in showed my belongings almost exactly to the pound the guesstimate. He suggested I witness a re-weigh of my goods when I tell him the overweight is impossible, as my only furniture is a queen size mattress & box spring and 2 collapsed tables. No major furniture or appliances. Several delivery dates are unmet with no explanation; on the morning my goods do arrive, I am given no time to meet the small shuttle truck at the CAT scales (other customers were similarly barred from witnessing theirs). The truck takes over 3 hours to reach my home for what should be a 45-minute trip, arrives ¾ empty (see photo confirming this), all my belongings are senselessly stacked up (getting crushed) in the far forward section. There is a moving dolly unnecessary for my things. All signs point to another load being off-loaded between the scales and my home. All of this removes credibility from all the purported weigh-ins: The reweigh is a sham.

I am then forced to go to a bank to withdraw thousands in cash, with the threat of additional costs while my goods are hostage. I phone Dejesus and the carrier, and am told that I had needed to ‘pre-arrange credit card approval and usage at the time of pickup in CA’; neither Steiner nor Dejesus ever indicated this.

All State now claims they are only a broker with no responsibility to participate in the move; but when I called their contracted carrier Cal Van to ask why my goods weren’t delivered, they rebuff me and refer me back to DeJesus, who had sent an email on 3/29, promising to, “Work with Danny Steiner to ensure that your move goes smoothly…I have been assigned as your Account Manager to assist you throughout your move.” Steiner was never reachable after taking my deposit.

ASVL cannot have it both ways; not assisting the customer provides an opportunity for their contracted carrier to ratchet up the final costs. You have no control of the situation. On Yelp, I read similar complaints of price gouging; ASVL apologizes for the ‘inconvenience”, promises to look into complaints. Five weeks without a bed or basic needs is beyond ‘inconvenient’, incurred costs, and I know from experience there will be no action taken. I expected there would be some a concession in costs; quite the contrary.

The company is called All State Van Lines and Relo, which they attempt to obscure by calling themselves ASVL. Aldo DeSobo, ASVL’s owner, IS in the moving business, as represented by his ownership of the following companies operating out of the same physical location as All State in Margate, FL: Nationwide Relocation, Colonial Van Lines, Inc., and Moving Squad.

I have filed my complaint with the Better Business bureau, making me complaint #142 over the past three years. All State Van Lines is a company that runs on deception, trickery, lies. There is no pretense at all to serve the customer. It was clear throughout my ordeal that no one knew where my belongings were -- or gave a ***. After 11 days gone, Dejesus told me the truck was leaving Tennessee, I was the last load and would get delivery in a few days. Then nothing, and no explanation why.

In the end, my fears are confirmed: too much handling caused significant damage and loss. No excuse for that. Irony: it takes twice as long as promised, and costs nearly 50% higher. I would have done better to push my things across the country in a hand cart.


Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Waldorf, Maryland, United States #1232938

Trying to move my mother's household goods from Ohio to VA...what a similar nightmare...Wish I'd seen your review earlier!


I want your company to know what professionalism Michael shows for your company. He just called I told him now was not a good time, that I would get back with him, he didn't give me a chance to tell him there was death in the family, he immediately hung up on me

Wow, I will 've reporting this to the bbb and will NEVER use your company.

Here is his information.

I have it and planned on your company to move us but this is an unforseen emergency.

Michael Dusseault ext. 122

Toll Free: 1-800-741-6837


Opelousas, Louisiana, United States #855070

Very very true every word well put in a hard working married with two children, and it two took my things just shy over five weeks but we had moved already in the van am had our stuff put into storage shed ! They meet a family member there n i also booked then for a for door Hyundai elantra which only took 3days after pick up but pick up on car was two weeks late and I also got two different moved saying they want to get the car but nobody knew who they were !!!

So eventually after our belongings just shy over three weeks past final estimated date quote estimated date , I had to feed my kids out to eat for food every day due to not knowing who where or when my things would reach me !

They say they are a broker not delivery or moving company ! But since the down payment went to them for their step by step painless process of corridanating this move and they so much only thing they did was find a company tell them to get the things and the estimated under weight that was supposed to be way over weight to ensure u won't get charged extra but since they didn't corridanate or know when my stuff even got to me couldn't we sure for our money back on the down payment at least ????

to Louviere11 #987048

Omg, you all are terrifying me. We are about to move from Texas to Georgia and they have contacted me, amongst other full service companies.

I'm exceedingly hesitant to utilize their services following reading of your harrowing experiences.

I will proceed with a higher rates company. Thanks for posting.

to Anonymous Fayetteville, Georgia, United States #1077585

I'm process that my furniture will arrive today. Me Johnnie told me that he would call me on Friday to give me the exact time that my furniture will arrive .

I gave him time return my call on Friday with the time of delivery that never happened.i told him that I had a very busy day in Saturday dec.12 That it was imperative that he gives me the exact time.

Finally after not hearing from Mr.

Johnny I call got voicemail , at the the end of the voicemail a message is left , that if this an emergency dial this #.

Still got no response.

Let's see what happens today, my cost were inflated, being a wife of an attorney having a daughter who's an attorney , my experience as a private investigator . I did not back down from the rise in cost.'I kept telling their staff that I did not agree to any other incurred cost.

At the end , finally I got a call that they would not charge me their inflated cost...., which was $2000.

Let's see what happens tiday

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